A Letter to all the Michael Jackson Fans

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Dear friends,

Let me start by saying 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE'. You are all over the world and stand so united, that it is so hard to tell where you come from. But when it comes to MJ, it hardly even matters!

It has been a very tough, depressing and frustrating time for all of you since #LeavingNeverland. The fight that you have been putting up is creating another HISTORY. You have lived most of your lives inspired by his music. It explains and justifies your quest to stand up for him.I wouldn't have said this , if your fight was without meaning or facts.Your fight is backed up by evidence. You have reached out via #twitter, #facebook, #Instagram and other platforms to expose the #LeavingNeverlandlies.

In return , you have been mocked, criticized,bullied and even shamed for supporting an alleged criminal. But remember, it will not be long before these people who have judged you will start judging the accusers. People who are prone to judging others without facts are like fallen leaves that blow in whichever direction the wind takes them.They have no strength or power of their own.But you do!

Many of you are going through feelings of depression, loss and anger at the injustice of it all.Why does the media not want to cover the facts presented by you?

Why do all the radio stations, clothing lines and Oprah Winfreys not want to hear you?

Let me tell you, they have and they KNOW, but it's just not the current trend!

So don't lose heart and keep up the good work!

Good always conquers evil. Truth always surpasses lies and LOVE always wins over HATE!


An MJ Fan...:)

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