Behind Closed Doors #Michael Jackson and the Unfair Media Trial

What next for all his fans?
Believe or Not to Believe 'Leaving Neverland'?

A little child came crying to me complaining about how another child hit him. I instantly felt bad for him and went to question the other one whom I already considered to be a brat. But when I went to him, he was crying too and told me how the other kid had said bad things to him and that he did not hit him at all.

Now I was confused and didn’t know whom to believe. Although my mind changed its opinion since I heard both sides of a story. After all children tell lies to gain attention. And so do adults.

But it is so easy to instantly believe the one crying and the one that is telling the story. We quickly form an opinion .Sounds familiar?

Moral of the story: Fear people who not only abuse you, fear equally those who accuse you.

Being an ardent Michael Jackson fan , it was heartbreaking to know about the documentary 'Leaving Neverland’

No, I do not have any idea of the truth. I will also try not be biased because just as millions of people across the world, I love and adore Michael Jackson. As I was writing this, I almost used a past tense for the words ‘Love and adore ‘for Michael. That is the impact of the current hysteria being created by the documentary” Leaving Neverland’

I have a 7 year old son, he is probably the same age when the alleged sexual abuse of Wade Robson and James Safechuck began. My love for my child at any point supersedes my adulation for Michael.

I live on the other side of the world where this drama is unfolding. As I said, I have no evidence for or against the abused or the accused.

So I will simply write what I truly feel. In order to avoid any bias, I will replace Michael, the greatest entertainer and a megastar with a Mr X an ordinary next door guy

I will replace Wade and James with Mr A and Mr B.

Let’s see how I feel about the story now?

A and B were allegedly molested as children by Mr. X whom they loved and thought that sexual acts were a way of showing their love for each other.

They go grow into adults, even defend Mr X in the court of law and speak widely of their love for him, receive all the attention from him.

Mr X dies

Mr A and B now realize that Mr X fooled them, and accuse him publicly of sexual abuse.He cannot say ‘ No, I did not, if I did, prove it” , because he is dead. The news gets worldwide attention and so do they.

Now, I wouldn’t care less for Mr X, he means nothing to me, just an accused from a news story.

But I would want to sympathize with A and B .

But something just does not seem right.

Think about it. Think about all the dead people you knew or have been related to.

I will give you my own example. When my father was alive, I would get angry with him, fight with him, say mean things to him.

But when he died, I realized how much he loved me and how much I loved him; I regret thinking about how I could have been nicer to him?

But how did it work in reverse for A and B?

When Mr X was alive ,they loved him and made their love public.

After his death, they realized what a monster Mr . X has been to them?

I really find this hard to understand. Wouldn’t I want to stand up for my rights, and give the man what he deserves when he is alive? Why wait until after his death? What would I be afraid of?

For this purpose, I will get back Michael Jackson , Wade and James back into the picture

Were they being threatened by him when he was alive? Maybe.

But that’s not what they said, they said that they loved him and so kept quiet.

Michael Jackson who was widely influential , who has been accused of being manipulative and scheming and who has supposedly committed such a heinous crime ,whose reputation is at stake, did not bother threatening them and he simply relied on their love for him and emotionally threatened them to remain quiet ?And not only quiet did they remain, they praised him on every given occasion.

Either Michael Jackson was a magician to pull this off all these years or the accusers are simply not telling the truth.

Having said this, I would like to say that it is not easy to speak about sexual abuse especially if you are a child. I once hired a cab when I was in my teens and saw the driver masturbating; I stopped the cab when i realized it, threw some money at him and ran off into a nearby building for safety. Till date I have not told my mother about this incident out of sheer embarrassment. So I can only imagine what these men would have gone through and their inability to speak about it until now if it was true. It is totally justified.

But what I cannot understand is their expression of love and respect for their abuser when he was alive. Once you have grown into an adult and realized that you were being abused, there could possibly be only two natural reactions. One is to shy away from this person and evade any mention of him, practically run away into a safety zone. The other one is to drag him to court for justice.

But here neither of the reactions took place; instead Wade took an unknown third route and went about praising Michael, chatting with his family, defending him in court related to a child abuse case (ironically) attending talk shows and even his funeral all for the public to see.

According to Wade, it was his ignorance of the fact that he was abused even at 23 years of age. As a child, I understand your ignorance. As an adult standing in court under oath and defending him, I do not understand. I was in my teens when I could tell that the cab driver was a pervert. How come at 23, you were still ignorant?

That’s where I question the credibility of the abuse.

So I think of this as a game which can work irrespective. i.e whether the actual abuse took place or not.

They choose their cards wisely and play them in such a way that each time it puts them in a winning situation.

They played the ‘I love you Michael” Card when he was alive and received fame, attention, and probably money from him

Now they play “I was abused by Michael “ Card long after he is dead and receive fame, attention from the public and probably money, this time from other people with vested interest.

I now feel disgust and anger. I feel betrayed. I feel that we as humans feel that we can do or say whatever we like as long as someone buys it. We play our game choosing the side that we know will win.

I am however not saying that Michael has not abused them, I , just like the rest will never know as it is rightly said that such acts happen Behind closed doors leaving no evidence. This gives the accused the advantage to escape his crime .But it also gives the accuser the advantage of saying whatever he wants. And please take note, in this particular case, the story behind the door is being told when the main character itself is silent by death.

As a mother, I am very concerned about child abuse and would never want my son to go through it.

But I am also concerned that my child could also be the accused, given the fact that today people have all the liberty to speak about or against anyone without a damn evidence and actually be heard!

Everyone sympathizes with the parents of these two men and their family. Why was the family quiet for so long? Wouldn’t you be angry and want justice at the earliest?

Everyone said it was odd for Michael to have children in his bedroom and on his bed. How come the parents of these children never found it odd and encouraged it for so many years?

If the parents naivety about what was happening with their children after being in complete knowledge that their child is sharing the same bed with an adult is permissible, then why is Michael’s naivety about his manner around children not acceptable?

If they have allowed their children to be a part of Michael’s strange fantasy for kids, allowing them to spend nights with him, then shouldn’t they be equally blamed for this crime? If Michael had made all of the staff and people around him to lie, then they are to be blamed too. Everyone involved in this act, is to be blamed.

The parents for whatever reasons best known to them, pushed their children into the lion’s den, and then played naive .We didn’t know the lion would attack. Does is not appear strange? So how come Michael is the only freak here?

In my opinion, Wade and James need to drag all of them to court, first being their parents who by natural law should have been their protector. Why not file a law suit against them?

A parent’s naivety could be justified where the child is being abused by an unlikely suspect, not when you are aware that your child is sharing the same bed with an adult. It is truly unbelievable!

But then again, we choose to treat them as helpless victims watching the freak show.

Everyone who defended Michael in court, lied under oath, his parents who encouraged his acts, all of them should be made to provide justice to Wade and James. Because that’s what a real victim would truly want. They would want justice from all of the people who played a part in ruining their lives!

But they seek it only from Michael. Of course, he is the main culprit here, but not the only one. They will never get justice if they are seeking it only from him. That would be partial justice.

While today, people are sympathizing with the accusers families, what about Michael’s family? They are probably facing the same pain and hurt that the accuser’s family may be facing, only their voices are drowned, because it may spoil the drama.

Everyone believed Michael, when he said that he was abused by his father, because that made for interesting headlines back then. Now everyone believes the alleged victims of his alleged abuse.

It is quite obvious that the one who plays victim will always get more leverage and audience sympathy than the alleged accuser. If I at this point support Michael Jackson, I somehow will become the criminal myself undermining the pain and sufferings of the alleged victims. So in my subconscious mind, I begin to take the side of the alleged victims. Because, I want to be known as the good one.

(Trust me, this can happen in all walks of life. I have seen in my personal experience, people changing sides to satisfy their own inner greed and desire to be known as the good one.)

Be fearful not only of your child being abused; be also fearful of your child, just like Michael becoming the accused someday.

My mind too had almost started believing that he is guilty. Yes, it worked its spell on me too. I felt bad for Wade and James. I felt betrayed by my idol and what he wrote in his songs about the world and the children. Was he a liar? Did he fake all that compassion? Did he express false emotions in all of his songs?

But then I thought, why do we believe in two people who over the past few days expressed their trauma, abuse and agony, while we choose to disbelieve in someone who has expressed his innocence, love and compassion consistently over so many years until his last day.

What are we basing our judgment upon?

But one thing is for sure, either one of them is faking or has faked (for Michael since is no more)

I had read too much about the accusers in the past few days to let it work on my Psyche. So I began questioning the very crust of this story. Who claimed that Michael was the abuser? The two men facing the camera and making a documentary? Going for interviews and gaining worldwide fame?

That leads us to the most obvious question.

In all this drama, where is the justice system? We have now started receiving judgments on news channels, Newspaper, social media and even reputed talk show host who believe that they have the authority to label anyone without an iota of evidence as criminals.

Also a lot has been said about banning his music, now that the judgment has been passed by the pious souls of social media.

“Ban his music, he was a bad person. I cannot separate the art from the artist”

Well, I would like to tell such people to stop eating out at restaurants unless they have checked the character certificate of the chef preparing their food or of people servicing their cars or the sales person selling them clothes .Who knows, the chef whose food you enjoy at your classy up market restaurant could be a wife beater or even molesting children behind closed doors. Have you checked it yet? I guess not. What good would it do to character assassinate such people? You would only lose out on good food, nothing to gain really.

So let’s target someone whose name itself will create a hype and hoopla and make me famous .Best choice, Michael Jackson, who already has been accused, never mind acquitted of child abuse.

He can get you money, fame and attention even after he is dead. Even being an amateur writer, my post may get the attention just by the mention of his name.

What’s the fun in supporting him now? What can I possibly gain? A dead man cannot speak. Cannot add any value or give me money to take his side, Let me take the side of the ones who can.

Typical human Nature! Isn’t it?

On the other hand, because his fans have adored him for so many years, we do not want to believe that he was capable of doing such wrongful acts, denying that there could be a possibility that he committed those crimes.

Typical human Nature again!

Either way, whichever side we choose, we are assassinating the characters of these people without knowing the factual truth.

Such kind of character assassination is also a kind of abuse which is only a charade of claiming justice for another.

Then there are some of them who claim to know the truth, never mind speaking about it earlier when it really mattered. Now is a good time, a former maid, a journalist who add their spice to the story. Let us get our share too. And of course, the body language experts dissecting every gesture and word of both the accusers and the accused when he was alive. Everyone is listening now, let’s speak.

Speaking specifically about Michael Jackson over the years, as a fan, as a viewer and a receiver of information, all I can understand is that he has become an object which is sometimes used as an instrument of peace, love and compassion, sometimes as the one who is abused in his childhood, sometimes as the one who abused other children, sometimes as the one guilty of changing his facial appearance and skin color, sometimes as a humanitarian and the list is endless. Even after his death, he continues to remain an object which is used by people as per their prerogative.

Never mind the Truth.

What has become important is that everyone must stand up and listen.


Once again, I am not supporting any act of criminal nature, whether it is sexual abuse of a child or an adult. I would want the worst punishment for such people who truly have committed such crimes.

I am simply opposing the manner in which it is being done without knowing whether it was truly done. Just making people believe in something does not make it true or untrue.

Just by listening to two people talk, does not make it true or untrue.

What I am concerned about the path that is been taken.

It is a scary situation and anyone can become an accused or abused overnight if such propaganda is encouraged.

I feel sad for Michael Jackson, not because I believe that he is innocent, but because he will never get a chance to tell his side of what really happened Behind the closed door.

And will I continue to listen to his music?

Yes! By all means!

Banning his music will not stop child abuse, because it happens around us , most of the time by that ordinary Mr or Miss or Mrs.X

I choose not to believe in either of the sides.

I choose to believe in his music, because that is what makes me happy.

I am teaching Rockin Robin to my son for his school competition and don’t see why I should not!

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