Dan Reed is 'GUILTY'

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Defamation of a person, dead or alive without facts is a Moral crime

You can view this as an open letter, or a message by millions of people around the world who question the integrity of your film #LeavingNeverland.

Strangely, I admire your artistic capabilities. The effects, the direction, the narrative, the dialogues, are truly intriguing and compelling .You do make a great director....but a pathetic human being.Yes, you are being judged too!In your case, you are providing the evidence yourself.

Your every tweet and interview is directly aimed at demeaning Michael Jackson.. you mock him, scoff him, belittle him! You are proudly presenting yourself as an Obsessive Sadistic Bully, all the while forgetting that this movie is NOT ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON!

So where are the victims, again??

It is truly unbecoming of a documentary filmmaker, to dismiss the fact that 'Every declared crime must have evidence.'

A story and a narrative can be presented by a 5- year- old these days, thanks to the internet.Truth, Mr Reed, cannot be found on the internet.

Due to the lack of it,you made its need so irrelevant to your documentary,that it is not only technically, but also morally flawed.

Understandably,there are QUESTIONS.But you have NO ANSWERS.

So you do what you can do best.What started as not being ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON, has become all about him. You begin the rampant use of social media to ruin his name, to diffuse the attention and shift focus from that mandatory requirement called 'EVIDENCE' which is needed to expose the truth.

You evade the questions by the fans, calling them fanatics. But the only obvious fanatic here is YOU!

They are only asking questions and you have a moral responsibility to answer them.Insulting them is not an answer, it is an admission of failure.

If you truly believe that your movie is about the truth, then dare to present the evidence and facts.

Conclusively ,you are guilty of calling a silent man 'Guilty' and hurting the sentiments of people who have loved him over the years and whose lives he has changed in more ways than your small mind can imagine.They are not fanatics... they are just grateful.

You are guilty of making every cent out of this movie, because that ,you have earned by spreading hate and hurting the emotions of real victims.

You are guilty of using child abuse as a topic of tea time conversations.

Child abuse, for your knowledge is a very painful and traumatic experience for children to go through. It is so hard to believe that parents of such children would sit on that couch and expose their child's trauma to the world and try to make money out if it! Because no matter whichever way you try to justify their point of view,you cannot explain how will it get them JUSTICE?

I truly wonder, if things would be handled differently, had these men been abused by an ordinary man,not worth a penny?

And now for my favorite line-Believing without facts, is like living in a fool's paradise. And you , Mr Dan Reed , rule that paradise!

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