How Coronavirus divides the people!

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I was talking to a varied number of people about the impact of Coronavirus on our lives. It wasn't so much of a discussion about the virus itself, but the way how every person perceived it. A few were truly concerned about its existence, some of them were barely bothered and a few others took the opportunity to throw jibes at the ones who were concerned. Social Media is flooded with a range of COVID-19 related topics, jokes, memes, warnings etc. It is strong reflection of our society’s division in opinions, attitudes and approach.

So I took the pleasure of categorizing the types of people and attitudes. Now, I must warn you (for those who get easily offended), this is my personal opinion and it’s my blog site, so yeah, you may beg to differ!

OK, here it goes, my first and most ‘uncool’ category, the nonchalant types. These don’t need much of an introduction, so I will just share a recent incident.

A gentleman in my building suggested via what’s app group to temporarily suspend the bio-metrics for visitor and member entry. It would avoid touch and thereby reduce the chance of infection. To me, it appeared quiet sensible and even doable. After all, the virus is transmitted mainly through hands. So what I expected, was the society authorities to spring into action and find an alternate method to restrict unauthorized entry into the building, a security guard is in place anyway! But what followed instead ,were a string of jokes, the end result being, well you can take a wild guess! Jokes and more jokes! So will anyone dare to ever raise any solutions in future if such crisis hit us again? That’s a question each and every member of society need to ask themselves. We even had some intelligent people counter questioning the poor guy on how would he use an ATM, lift or even handle money.

What was saddening is that, it isn’t something that isn’t doable or really difficult to do…then why not? Of course, we cannot avoid touching all the things around us, but we can definitely reduce the items we touch, can’t we? Or shouldn’t we be trying at all??

These in my opinion, are the most socially irresponsible people and that for me, makes COVID-19 more dangerous than the virus itself.

It does not mean that I do not joke around, of course I do and it’s good too, a breather from the constant feeling of doom.

But there’s a time when we need to act together. And that is NOW!

'Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.' by John Wooden , a quote for the wise.

Then we have the second type of people. The judgmental types! They believe that since they don’t feel the threat, it is silly that others do! They feel that people hoarding sanitizers or wearing masks is a sign of PANIC! I would like to reiterate that anyone taking a precautionary measure is not always panicking. It means that people care! And not only about themselves, but about the society at large. Maybe they have aged parents at home or little kids with underlying medical conditions. I have been subject to such behavior myself. But thanks to my ‘who the hell cares what you think' nature, I do what I believe in, without regrets!

Talking about your fears and concerns should be free from the society’s prejudice. Everyone has a right to protect themselves and their families which brings me to the third type of people. And I am proud to be a part of this type. The worrying type!

Many a times, worrying is dangerous. It makes you do things you should never do. But if worrying means taking necessary actions to protect your family, worry away I say :)

In a situation like COVID-19, worrying can and will be your only weapon to fight it. Because it will drive you to maintain high levels of hygiene, be well informed, beware of your surroundings and take corrective actions. But if you underplay it, you are heading towards a dreaded path.This is not to claim that the worriers will not be affected. But at least you will find solace in the fact that you did whatever was necessary.

In my opinion, I rather overreact and protect my family than be ‘cool’ and have reasons to regret later. However, a warning for these types, while you may overreact and worry for yourselves and your family, you need to be cautious about spreading panic which invariably will happen. Whatever you do in the best interest of your family, it will be Right! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.But worry sensibly, not till the point your blood pressure kills you rather than the virus.

Being concerned or worried when there’s a crisis, is not stupid, it is in fact needed. Only then will a society come together to fight it.But when a society is so divided in its perception of the crisis, how the hell are we going to overcome it?

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 is here! So face it, deal with it, but don’t underplay it!

Whichever category you belong to, it doesn't matter to the virus.

It’s a virus, its job is to spread….and our job is to stop it! Its a test of how we function together as a society.

At the end of it all, I aren’t so sure whether to be concerned about COVID-19 or the people’s attitude around it. For me, both can be equally dangerous.

Stay informed! Stay safe!

God bless the world :)

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