How we let negativity affect us?

There are a million reasons that can make us sad, only a handful that can make us happy.

We are solely to be blamed for this. Why? Because we have let others ruin our lives.

I know a lot of people who suffer emotionally on a daily basis, to be socially accepted , to be well regarded among family and friends. Never mind what they go through.

It is not easy to let go of toxic relationships. These relationships could be with your brother, sister, in laws, spouse, friends, even your own mother or father. But if it is hurting you, you need to stop it before you get consumed by it.

Picture yourself locked in a room with no air. How long do you think you will survive?

Now picture yourself in open air. That, my dear friends is LIFE. It is meant to be lived, not played as per the tunes of another.

By letting go of relationships that cause you hurt and pain, you are not committing a crime. You are allowing yourself to breathe in open air.

Your mind will start functioning a lot better, you will realize what you are really capable of doing and most of all you will start believing in yourself.

There are a lot of relations that make you feel inferior about yourself no matter how hard you try to do the right thing.

Stop and think about what the times you have failed to impress your mother or your mother in law

Failed to be an understanding wife

Failed to be a good friend

Failed to a good parent of grown up children

Failed to be a supportive sibling

If you have been made to feel this way no matter how hard you have tried to be that better daughter, son , wife, friend ,brother, sister, in law etc at least 85% of the time, then you are not in a healthy relationship.

You are in a relationship that constantly demands you to do better.

But hey, you are not here in this world to perform better in your relationships. You are here for yourself. Focus on yourself. Make yourself a happy person. Believe in the love you have for your friends, your mother, father, brother etc.

I do not mean that you turn all rebellious and pack your suitcase and call Uber.

I mean that you need to prove nothing to anyone.The ones that love you, will know your heart.

This is exactly what I mean by letting go . It means to stop taking the burden of someone else’s expectations. It means choosing the kind of job you want to do, not what your parents hoped you would do, ( not applicable if you want to be a drug lord or something like that..hehehe)

It means sitting down on the couch with a cup of tea and reading a book if that’s what you want to do, instead of wondering what your mother in law would think of you( especially if it is your turn to do the dishes..hmmm.. anyway you got the point!

It means spending an extra buck on the dress you like without wondering what your savings freak husband would think of you.

Don’t feel any less about yourself and kill yourself with guilt if you call your father once a week instead of calling him everyday if he makes you feel like a loser in every conversation. Use the days you do not call him to build positivity in your life.

Once you believe in yourself, these relationships will automatically learn to adjust to the new and improved you. If not, they were never worth it.

So give yourself a break. Avoid all that negativity, breathe a little fresh air, take a cup of tea and what the heck, go shopping for that pretty dress and switch off the phone if you are expecting another whining call from whoever.

You live only once, In a 100 years, no one will care about how perfect you were or how many tears you cried because all will be dead by then.LOL!!

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