Journalism has killed its moral and ethical being.

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Facts and Truth are suffering a slow but certain Death

'That pizza is stale. It smells weird'..Have you heard anyone say that before and changed your mind about eating it?

You were fine a minute ago, now suddenly you don't want to eat it.

Well, that's exactly what Journalism is doing to us these days. How easily they galvanize our beliefs and actions!

I read a lot of news these days about Michael Jackson as published by the media. It does not seem like reporting any longer. It seems like a CONVICTION without a TRIAL.

Journalism is meant to bring facts to people, report actual happenings and events.But now they have started convicting people. And the conviction takes place faster than the blinking of our eyes.

So why do we need laws or a justice system anymore?The media has taken over.They are in charge now!And they are quick.They don't even need evidence or facts. A few tears, a sensational story and a popular personality,that's all it takes..and of course a documentary !

They treat a man once noteworthy for his art and charitable work like that stale pizza which needs to be discarded.

This is not journalism, this is a murder of morals and human rights.

And then, there are some celebrities who jump into the bandwagon and warn you that the pizza is indeed stale.They want you to know that they care about you and are concerned about your well being. You feel enlightened and believe them .You are relieved that you threw that pizza away unknown to the simple fact that THEY NEVER KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE DAMN PIZZA! It only added to their brand value.They would chew on that pizza the moment you turn around!

On the other hand, there are some who tell you, 'Hey , that pizza is good.Go ahead, you can have it..."

And you shrug them off thinking they are nuts!

Because you did not bother checking yourself! Its not worth taking a chance,is it?

But we are not talking about a food item, we are talking about a human being.

We are talking about someone who is dead and cannot rise from the grave and plead innocence!

So the media declares him guilty and a felon.

Where are the ethics? Where are the facts?Where are the morals?And who is really guilty here?

Yes, if anyone is guilty, it is the media and people who sell fiction in the name of a fact.

For a few bucks, if journalism can kill the existence of a justice system, kill the right to defend,destroy facts, cross all boundaries of decency and term a dead man a RAPIST , then we who accept such journalism should be prepared to forgo our own rights to fight for ourselves when dark times fall upon us.Brace yourselves for an assassination by the media and the name tags that will go with it.

After all, we have given them the right to judge us!

Don't bother knocking on the doors of law and justice when you need it for yourself, because you are denying someone the same law ,justice and fair treatment by accepting the judgment of the media and are giving them the leverage to do it over and over again!

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