Yes, we all have problems! And the world at large, particularly now, has a lot to deal with…poverty, pandemic, injustice, corruption, violence, crime, unemployment, depression and the list goes on.

But sadly, many seem obsessed with the problems in the Royal Family! And no, by saying this I do not mean their problems are unreal because I DO NOT KNOW THEM!

It is just frustrating that because it is high profile, it becomes appealing! What about the real people on the street, the common man? What about their suicidal thoughts? What about our dear friend, brother or sister who is facing a crisis right now? What about the children who are raped and murdered, what about the daughter in law who is being harassed, abused and whose rights are being violated every single day? What about the old parents who are left to die without a care?

We are nothing, but hypocrites!

Do we really care about what someone whom WE KNOW? Do we know if they are feeling suicidal right now? I bet, many of those who have shown concern towards Meghan’s suicidal thoughts, wouldn’t care less if their own neighbor is screaming for help…Its sounds harsh but it’s true! We live in a world of ‘Words’. We post our thoughts on social media and people think that’s who we really are? Are we? So we say a few words in support of someone in crisis…we become good people? Do we? Really??

We all feel sympathy for a celebrity going through personal crisis and who feels the need to speak out! What if one of our own would do the same?…it wouldn’t be so nice…...would it? We’d rather have them be silent. Why should anyone share family problems with others after all, even if it means they have to reach out to a counsellor for help? That’s unacceptable…but its fine when done by a celebrity on international television. APPLAUSE!!

There are people who suffer in silence every day of their lives cursing the day they were born and yet go about completing their responsibilities for so many years. Do we know these people?

95% of the people don’t even know Harry and Meghan and yet they care enough to voice their support or criticize them…. whatever! But HELLO! What about your neighbor, your friend, your brother, your sister, your parents your children! There are many people WHOM YOU KNOW, WHO NEED YOU! Spend your time with the people who really matter to you. The royals probably have enough resources to deal with their issues and anyone who thinks they haven’t used them, must think again!

The interview made millions of dollars, because we the people watch, react and respond to such television, but we didn’t get a penny…Think Think Think!

Even if we did get a penny for every thought that we shared on social media, it wouldn’t really help the people who need us right now unless we put our words into action!

It’s about time that we take off our hypocritical robe and become REAL! Turn around and listen to that someone who is close to us. The royals don’t need us…but someone close to us does!

Problems are faced by all, whether you are a prince or pauper, we know that for sure by now!


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