Why the World has lost Common Sense?#SupportersMichael Jackson#SupportersWade Robson#Dan Reed#HBO

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Why we should start questioning Ourselves?

The difference between Belief and Knowledge is monumental. Those who believe without knowledge live in a fools paradise.And I simply I cannot stop wondering what is wrong with the world?

No, it is not about Michael Jackson and his super stardom, it is not about Wade Robson and his shocking revelations. It is about the insanity of it all.

We have supporters of Micheal versus the supporters of Wade,we have the Michael Jackson Estate versus HBO, all claiming to know the truth. There are so many words being said, so many accusations thrown around , there are attacks and then counter attacks ,all divided in opinions, judgements, claims and so on.


Where are the facts? Who knows these facts? No one, except for Michael and Wade, one of them being at fault. Do we know any of these people? Were we there? Did we see or hear anything at all that gives us the right to give an opinion?

We as people have become deaf, dumb and blind to reality. We in fact, are not interested in reality anymore. We want to just Believe and not KNOW like a little child who believes that Santa Claus will drop gifts every Christmas for good behavior. We have stopped drawing a line between real and make believe. People choose 'not to know' because sometimes facts are boring. Beliefs make our lives interesting.

The fans of Michael Jackson want to believe in his innocence, his haters want to believe otherwise

The supporters of Wade want to believe in his words.

But where is the knowledge?

Its time that people stop following crowd mentality and learn to gain Knowledge . If you want to believe, then believe in the power of knowing. Separate facts from fiction.

Separate fantasy from reality. Be open to learn the truth even if it means going against what you had previously believed in. Be Rational, not judgmental. Be careful, not careless, Be mindful , not mindless.

Be cautious of what you allow your mind to believe, this will affect all other aspects of your life!

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